The Highmarch Expedition


Professor Hanns Vennholdt received a grant from the Corvis University, which he used to start an expedition to Giant’s Head island, to inspect its Orgoth ruins with a fresh scientific eye. He appointed the young and talented Chloe Highmarch, the daughter of Commander Ander Highmarch, to organize and lead the expedition.

The only contact she received was of Sir Edmund Rayne, a knight of Morrow and an ex-warcaster of the cygnaran army. She met the knight in Orven, en route to the western shore, and the knight agreed to join her as a bodyguard and authority figure.
The second asset she found was by advertisement, a gobber named Jonas Flint. He describes himself as a natural leader for any expedition, and a master of the alchemical sciences.
The rest of the group found Miss Highmarch via a mysterious letter from Llael’s Resistance. Yvonne Lerois, a member of the Order of the Amethyst Rose, and her companion Viktor, a shady fire sorcerer arrived to Orven just in time to catch up with the expedition.

Surrounded by able bodyguards and experts (some more trustworthy than others), Miss Highmarch continued her voyage towards the sea to the west.


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