The Highmarch Expedition

Lost and Found

The group travelled along Lake Rimmocksdale by carriage, and boarded a ship towards the sea. Miss Highmarch missed one more expert, a certain Tallan Vergis, linguistic professor of Corvis University. The professor being the solitary man he is, preferred to go ahead and scout a small, known Orgoth ruin in the Westshore province, joining the expedition along the way. He was staying in the mining town of Whetstone, on the shore of the Rimmocksdale river.

When the explorers got off their boat to join up with Master Vergis, he was nowhere to be found. They soon found out that several townsfolk, along with the professor, gone missing during the last few weeks.
After a few trips to the mines and some of the ruins Master Vergis visited, they found leads to a band of kidnappers, and by tricking their scout they found the bandit camp in the woods. The strike was swift and deadly, only the scout left alive to rot in prison. He told the group that they were a band of deserters from the northern front, and an ogrun named Qorh offered them a hefty sum if they kidnapped a few people.

They found a letter on the ogrun’s body that led them to a place called Cylion, a small, abandoned fort from the age of the Rebellion. In this ruined place, the explorers stumbled upon a long and dark ritual. A thamarite necromancer, Elenor Marhall and her boy tried to reanimate the head of the family, Lord Marhall, using the blood of innocent townsfolk. After the ritual has been stopped, with Lady Marhall dead and her son captured, Chloe saw with horror that three of the five victims were already dead, drenched in their own blood, including Master Vergis.

Following the professor’s short funeral among the ruins he loved to explore on his own, the group travelled back to the river, into Lorton, the next village from Whetstone. Chloe made a statement that she aims to continue the journey even without a linguistic expert, and everyone was free to leave. It goes without saying, everybody stayed. The next morning, the captured son of Lady Marhall was found dead, strangled during the night. Nobody said a word, and Chloe grew quiet in the coming days.
After spending a day in Lorton to notify the Sheriff of Whetstone, collect the bounty and hire a carriage, the group continued the journey towards the western coast.


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